Tracking down world famous chefs and champion producers from around the globe,
there’s nothing Olivia won’t eat, write about or review, at least once.

A gathering of the giving

Age Epicure – The restaurant staff meal is a hallowed tradition through which many young chefs hone their skills.
July 26, 2011/by Olivia Riordan

The master’s message

The Age – As the ”godfather of foam” prepares to close elBulli, Ferran Adria is tight-lipped about the future of his avant-garde cooking.
July 26, 2011/by Olivia Riordan

Australian Pinot Challenge 2010 Judging Panel

Australia Gourmet Pages – Australian Pinot Challenge 2010 Judging Panel
August 10, 2010/by Olivia Riordan

Born of time and tide

SMH Good Living – When the oyster is your world, it’s natural to seek new realms.
August 3, 2010/by Olivia Riordan

City Life: Winter Dining (Video)

Sydney Morning Herald – Sam Brett chats with food writer Olivia Riordan about the some of the best dining options this winter.
June 10, 2010/by Olivia Riordan

TOYS Issue #2 – Skin and Bones

Australian Gourmet Pages – Sequels can be risky business, so when the Taste of Young Sydney [TOYS] chefs announced a second coming, the bar had to be raised.
June 1, 2010/by Olivia Riordan

Creative Whiting

SMH Good Living – Sand whiting are caught wild along the NSW coastline from Broken Bay to Eden and around Coffs Harbour.
June 1, 2010/by Olivia Riordan

Meet The Big Cheese

Sydney Morning Herald – A Swiss expat makes his country's famous produce in Queensland.
May 18, 2010/by Olivia Riordan

Toast of the roasts

Sydney Morning Herald – Bultarra lamb is converting Sydneysiders.
April 20, 2010/by Olivia Riordan

Come In, Spanner

SMH Good Living – This lesser-known crab is winning praise for its sweet flavour.
March 23, 2010/by Olivia Riordan

Harvest boon

SMH Good Living – "There is an urban and rural disconnect in Australia, between the city and the agriculture it relies on,” the owner of Shields Orchard, Bill Shields, says.
February 9, 2010/by Olivia Riordan

Deep Sea Dining

SMH Good Living – A few courageous chefs, the discovery of great local product and diners’ willingness to try novel foods have combined to bring a strange-looking creature off the sea floor and into Sydney’s fine dining venues.
December 15, 2009/by Olivia Riordan

Strait Into The Shell

SMH Good Living – It has been four years since Bass Strait scallops were caught from the stretch of sea separating Tasmania and Victoria.
October 27, 2009/by Olivia Riordan

A Salt On The Senses

SMH Good Living – An Australian couple’s quest to promote Murray-Darling flakes has succeeded.
October 20, 2009/by Olivia Riordan

Greens straight out of the blue

SMH Good Living – Sydney chefs excitedly show off their newest fresh ingredient, Australian wakame.
August 11, 2009/by Olivia Riordan

Frenchs Forest Organic Markets

Every Sunday morning the Parkway Hotel parking lot transforms into a market full of the best seasonal fruit and vegetables.
July 27, 2009/by Olivia Riordan

Shelf Life: M&A Butchery

July 8, 2009/by Olivia Riordan

Carpaccio conquers all

SMH – ANNIE WATT didn’t know her name had been entered for the student and apprentice chefs’ contest in the Seafood Excellence Awards.
May 26, 2009/by Olivia Riordan