Tracking down world famous chefs and champion producers from around the globe,
there’s nothing Olivia won’t eat, write about or review, at least once.

Hudson Meats – A Cut Above

Broadsheet – Do you know your silverside from your topside? Or your chump from your chop? Lucky for you, Hudson Meats do.
September 2, 2013/by Olivia Riordan

Venue A Vital Ingredient For Successful Chefs

Australian Financial Review –  Monopoly is a game of skill and luck, not too dissimilar to the restaurant trade. And for restaurateurs, finding the perfect location can be a roll of the dice.
August 16, 2013/by Olivia Riordan

Young Chef of the Year 2014 Award

Good Food – At the impressionable age of 21, Kah-wai (aka "Buddha") Lo, is one to watch as this year's youngest finalist. As head chef of Hare & Grace, Lo has already achieved what many young chefs aspire to.
August 14, 2013/by Olivia Riordan

Blumenthal gets back to basics

Good Living –  While known for some of the most elaborate cuisine in the world, the British chef is an advocate for the simple things.
July 30, 2013/by Olivia Riordan

Heart of country

Australian Financial Review – Young chefs are sampling and serving up the fruits and flavours of Australia’s glorious native bounty.
July 5, 2013/by Olivia Riordan

Truffle butter by Pepe Saya

Broadsheet –  Artisan butter maker Pepe Saya has added some Australian truffles to his butter, combining two irresistible products for something rich to spread on your bread.
June 25, 2013/by Olivia Riordan

SMH Good Cafe Guide 2013

Good Food – Jill Dupleix and her team of reviewers track down the best cafes in Sydney. From local-hero to hall-of-fame, the Good Cafe Guide celebrates Sydney’s best caffeine haunts.
June 18, 2013/by Olivia Riordan

Three Blue Ducks Go Skiing

Broadsheet – The team from Sydney’s Three Blue Ducks are hitting Victoria’s ski slopes with a new cafe for winter.
June 13, 2013/by Olivia Riordan

From tomatoes to truffles: backyard gardeners set their eyes on a bigger prize

Good Food – The grow-it-yourself trend is alive and well in backyards, windowsills and rooftops. But how far can it be taken?
June 5, 2013/by Olivia Riordan

D’oh! Australia fries its own sweet sensation

Good Food –  New Yorkers are in a sugar-induced frenzy over the latest pastry phenomenon and Melbourne had better watch out.
May 22, 2013/by Olivia Riordan

How to store cheese

Good Food –  Forget the cheese shelf in your fridge. The vegetable crisper is actually a better place to store your favourite cheddar and brie.
May 20, 2013/by Olivia Riordan

Noosa International Food and Wine Festival in its tenth year

Fine Dining Lovers – Find out what exciting things are in store at this year's Noosa Food and Wine Festival in Australia, from great chefs to amazing cooking.
May 9, 2013/by Olivia Riordan

True grits

Good Food – Country boy Sean Brock delivers a modern take on all-American cuisine.
February 26, 2013/by Olivia Riordan

Chef Ben Shewry: “The recipe? being open and honest”

Fine Dining Lovers – An interview with the hard talking chef Ben Shewry about his upcoming Origin food book, that turned out to be part autobiography and part adventure story.
November 6, 2012/by Olivia Riordan

Top 5 Thai food tips from chef David Thompson

Fine Dining Lovers – Ingredients, dishes and techniques: the best cooking essentials shared by Australian leading-voice on Thai cuisine. With some secrets for a coconut recipe…
October 22, 2012/by Olivia Riordan

The Art Of Soba

Feast – Japanese chefs have spent decades perfecting the art of handmade soba noodles.
June 15, 2012/by Olivia Riordan

Masterful methods or merely myth?

SMH Good Living – All cooks have their tricks of the trade in the kitchen, but some common beliefs have passed their use-by date.
May 22, 2012/by admin

Australia confidential

SMH Good Living – Chef, writer and culinary adventurer Anthony Bourdain delivers his verdict on Australian dining.
April 17, 2012/by Olivia Riordan

A dish best served bold

Sydney Morning Herald – A star New York chef creates a feast on the page.
April 10, 2012/by Olivia Riordan

Australian tidbits from Melbourne Food & Wine Festival 2012

Fine Dining Lovers – Some of the world’s best chefs, butchers, producers and even the World’s Longest Lunch: Australia hosts the 20-days food event now in its 20th edition.
March 13, 2012/by Olivia Riordan

Behind every top chef

AGE Epicure – A good deputy keeps it all ticking in the kitchen
February 21, 2012/by Olivia Riordan

Crave Sydney International Food Festival 2011

Fine Dining Lovers – A whole month dedicated to the best Australian food. In Sydney until 31 October. Tastings, chef showcases, exhibitions and much more.
October 17, 2011/by Olivia Riordan

The roe less travelled

SMH Good Living – Believing that bottarga is worth its salt, Giovanni Pilu has started to produce the Sardinian specialty locally.
October 4, 2011/by Olivia Riordan

Not so hard to stomach

Age Epicure – Food sensitivities pose a challenge for today's kitchens
September 13, 2011/by Olivia Riordan

2011 Restaurant Guide

Australian Gourmet Traveller – 2011 Restaurant Guide
August 24, 2011/by Olivia Riordan

Polish Cuisine Guide

SBS – Traditional Polish fare is a blend of Slavic influences, while it also shares roots with French and Italian cuisines.
August 12, 2011/by Olivia Riordan

Dutch Cuisine Guide

SBS – Dutch cuisine is traditionally quite simple, dominated by the Netherland’s strong agricultural industries.
August 12, 2011/by Olivia Riordan

Filipino Cuisine Guide

SBS – More than seven thousand islands, with multiple cultures and scattered geographies, make up the Philippines.
August 12, 2011/by Olivia Riordan

Can Slow Cooking Be Gourmet?

SBS – Sloppy stews, the neighbours’ casserole and Grandma’s one-pot wonders.
August 2, 2011/by Olivia Riordan

An Affinity With Slow

SBS –  Slow cooking has been centuries in the making. In fact, as long as there has been fire, people have been slowly roasting, simmering and smoking.
August 2, 2011/by Olivia Riordan