Harvest boon

SMH Good Living – “There is an urban and rural disconnect in Australia, between the city and the agriculture it relies on,” the owner of Shields Orchard, Bill Shields, says.

Deep Sea Dining

SMH Good Living – A few courageous chefs, the discovery of great local product and diners’ willingness to try novel foods have combined to bring a strange-looking creature off the sea floor and into Sydney’s fine dining venues.

Strait Into The Shell

SMH Good Living – It has been four years since Bass Strait scallops were caught from the stretch of sea separating Tasmania and Victoria.

A Salt On The Senses

SMH Good Living – An Australian couple’s quest to promote Murray-Darling flakes has succeeded.

Greens straight out of the blue

SMH Good Living – Sydney chefs excitedly show off their newest fresh ingredient, Australian wakame.

Frenchs Forest Organic Markets

Every Sunday morning the Parkway Hotel parking lot transforms into a market full of the best seasonal fruit and vegetables.

Shelf Life: M&A Butchery

Carpaccio conquers all

SMH – ANNIE WATT didn’t know her name had been entered for the student and apprentice chefs’ contest in the Seafood Excellence Awards.