SMH Good Food Guide 2015

Sydney Morning Herald – SMH Good Food Guide 2015

Healthy alternatives to alcohol

Australian Financial Review – As Dry July wraps up, some will be popping Bollinger for breakfast.

Where’s The Cheese?

Australian Financial Review – Forget quince paste and crackers, expect anchovies and blueberries next time the cheese course rolls around.


A sense of place at Adelaide’s food festival

Australian Financial Review – Adelaide is breathing a collective sigh of relief. It’s back. Tasting Australia has been a landmark event for the city of churches, since its inception in 1997.

Culinary Career Changes

Australian Financial Review –  There’s no escaping the occasional impulse buy. Most people stick to small luxuries, some splash out on sports cars. James Lord bought an abattoir – sparking a surprising career change.

Keeping it in the kitchen

Australian Financial Review –  They say don’t mix business with pleasure. So surely family businesses are a recipe for disaster? Apparently not, so say the latest generation following in their family’s footsteps.

Sea’s harvest on menu, with a catch

Australian Financial Review –  Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. Or so the saying goes. But cast in the word “sustainable” and suddenly it’s not so simple.

It’s all about the detail

Australian Financial Review – It’s seemingly obvious. Right there, under the smoked trout, pickled clams and wild onion. The humble plate: a ceramic canvas for chefs and an intimate part of the dining experience.

Innovation’s advance guard

Australian Financial Review – Throwing caution to the wind, young chefs are fighting back against a succession of high-profile restaurant closures.


Beechworth bursting with great Victorian cuisine

Australian Financial Review –  Behind Beechworth’s rich, gold-rush era facade are all the ingredients for a gourmet getaway.